Monday, 26 May 2014

Week 20 - 24th May - Final animation

Our Memories animation from Emma Rowsell on Vimeo

Week 20 - 24th May - animation breakdown final

Beginning: (00:00 – 00:52)
Composed by Emma Rowsell
Set created and designed by Katie Plume
Armature created by Emma Rowsell
Stop Motion animation by Emma Rowsell

Middle: (00:53 – 02:46)
Composed by Katie Plume
All animations timed by Katie Plume
Camera movement by Emma Rowsell
Felt animation (00:53 – 00:57) Emma Rowsell
Letter animation (00:58 – 01:18) Katie Plume
Page animation Emma Rowsell, page masking Katie Plume (01:19 – 01:22)
London 50s shot (01:22 – 01:29) Designed and animated by Katie Plume, Advertisements created by Emma Rowsell
Photo manipulation animation (01:30 – 01:38) Emma Rowsell
Swing 50s (01:39 – 01:55) Katie Plume
London 2000 (01:56 – 02:02) Animated and designed by Katie Plume, Advertisements created by Emma Rowsell
Last swing fragile Millie (02:03 – 02:40) Katie Plume
Last London (02:41 – 02:45) Katie Plume

Ending: (02:46 – 03:22)
Exterior set designed and created by Emma Rowsell
Stop motion composed and animated by Emma Rowsell
2D composed and animated by Katie Plume

Stop motion soundtracks by Emma Rowsell

Memory Book soundtrack by Katie Plume

Week 20 - 24th May - sound

The music used for the stop motion sections:
(sourced from Audio Network)

Cast Your Cares Away by Paul Mottram

Railroad Jive  by  David Tobin / Jeff Meegan / Charley Harrison

(sound effects used from free

Week 20 - 24th May - editing stop motion

Putting together all of the stop motion scenes and editing them so everything flows smoothly. 

Week 20 - 24th May - Camera memory book

After Katie did the timing of the memory book, I then created the camera movement with in the book. 

I used 3 different methods for the movement: 

- Keying the transform settings to move the page, then using easy ease to make a smoother movement
- Using a Camera
- Using a camera and parenting it to a null object so it easier to manoeuvre 

Week 20 - 24th May - Masking

Masked the felt page design to the beginning stop motion scenes

Test 01:

This is an unmasked test, the page is supposed to the page below. I found it very hard to match up the designs to the stop motion as it moves quite alot. 

The finished result is still a little jolty but overall the main character animation takes main focus so hopefully it wont be very noticeable. 

Week 19 - 23rd May - Page turn

Creating a page turn for the memory book.

Test 01:

Test 02:


We both decided that only one page turn would be used for the memory book. It will be used after the first page, this is enough to suggest to the audience that it is a book, if we put a page turn for all of the book it would be become very repetitive.  

Katie then masked the page designs on top of this page turn.